1. Printmaking, ongoing

    Silkscreen printing + digital printing.

  2. VM23, 2016

    Installation consisting of potato starch powder, food colouring, wax, glass, frames and hardboard.

  3. Maas, 2017

    Potato starch lab. Installation consisting of plastic, potato starch powder, food colouring, beans and acrylic glass.

  4. Geheime Bunker, 2017

    Geheime Bunker Project. Washing powder, washing liquid, bath bombs and food colouring.

  5. De Keet, 2017

    One day lab, consisting of potato starch powder, washing liquid, hair gel, soap, frames, textiles, photo paper, chemicals, projector.

  6. Framed materials, ongoing

    Potato starch powder, food colouring, frames, beans, dishwasher salt.

  7. Study, ongoing

    Washing powder, bathing salt, acrylic glass, plaster powder, food colouring, shaving foam, paper.

  8. Popop, 2015

    Installation consisting of plaster powder, food colouring, towel, paper, wax, plastic, coloured sand.